All of our services are provided by uniformed, certified technicians that are employees of RestorTech. By managing projects in-house, based on our capabilities, we are able to meet our goals of effective restoration by quality work at reasonable charges.

  • Structural Cleaning

       Defined as the removal of smoke and odor causing residues on contaminated surfaces such as walls, flooring

       and windows through professional methods of cleaning. The key to successful structural cleaning is that

       smoke and smoke odor has been entirely removed or is properly "set" into the surface, ready to accept

       paints or sealers. The RestorTech professionals make sure the job is done right.

  • Content Cleaning

       Personal property restoration encompasses everything you own from furniture to clothing, electronics, art, books,

       cookware, etc. Our highly trained staff performs series of tests to first determine which safe and effective 

       restoration procedure to use.      

  • Moving & Storage

       In certain circumstances, property may have to be removed from the home and brought into a controlled

       environment to be processed. We refer to this as a "pack-out". RestorTech technicians are trained in the safe

       and proper handling techniques to pack and move your most cherished belongings.

  • Deodorization

       The textbook definition of deodorization implies the removal of odor causing material. At RestorTech we utilize

       a variety of techniques for removing odors beginning with the least invasive moving to more aggressive means

      should odor persist.


RestorTech, Inc. subscribes to the principles and practices the guidelines of fire and smoke restoration set forth by the Restoration Industry Association. We are an IICRC firm.

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A great company-wonderful employees!  We loved working with Molly & Gino. They couldn't have been more helpful and empathetic - Thank you for caring about our situation and us


                                     --  The Cochrans