Vandalism, finger print dust, broken glass. Raccoon damage in the home. Skunk odor. When the unthinkable happens RestorTech is ready to help. Our certified technicians will skillfully clean and restore your home.

  • Fuel Oil Spills

       Homes heated with fuel oil are susceptible to having problems with fuel oil odor due to leaks and spills in and

       around the furnace area. While large volumes of oil can be an environmental hazard, small spills and leaks can

       usually be remedied.

  • Trees on Houses

        Our geographic area has it's share of intense weather. Be it a soaking rainstorm, lightning strike or wind storm, a

        tree can fall on a home. Our trained technicians can begin the drying out process in such a situation and pack out

        the personal property if need be.

  • Skunk Odor

          The area where the spraying took place can be treated. The odor is very strong and can be perceived indoors. We 

        can improve the indoor air while the outside area is being treated. And yes, shoukd the animal spray inside, we can

        remove that too!

  • Vandalism Damage

          Vandalism comes in many forms be it spray paint, eggs, broken windows, etc. It could be a burglary or a prank but in

        the end there is usually some type of destruction of property. We have the experience and expertise to tackle even

        the toughest situations.        

  • Unusual Problems

       Damage from downed trees, lightning strikes, animal infestation and so on. There are limitless possibilities of things

       that can go wrong. No one company can be the answer to all the different types of damage that can occur, but

       RestorTech is a good place to start. We enjoy a challenge.

Other Damage


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A great company-wonderful employees!  We loved working with Molly & Gino. They couldn't have been more helpful and empathetic - Thank you for caring about our situation and us


                                     --  The Cochrans