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Mold Remediation in Alexandria, VA

Has your home or business recently been affected by water damage? Even after you finish all the cleanup and you’re sure the structure is sound, a threat can persist. And it won’t go away because it’s alive. We’re talking about mold. Mold can go unnoticed in walls and crevices throughout a building’s structure. If you think mold could be in your Alexandria property, it’s time to call in the mold remediation professionals at RestorTech, Inc..

Homeowners and facility managers often don’t want to face mold head-on. You might be tempted to ignore the threat and hope it goes away on its own. The following questions are probably racing through your mind: Will mold force us to leave our home or building? Do insurance companies pay for mold testing and mold remediation? Can I trust a mold remediation company to fix the problem?

If you suspect mold has invaded your space, let RestorTech help you find the source and work with an environmental firm to eliminate it from your property. Call RestorTech now at (703) 204-0401 or contact us online for mold remediation in Alexandria, VA today!

RestorTech Serving Alexandria, VA for Over 30 Years

A major reason why property managers are wary about confronting a mold problem is that they aren’t sure how to deal with it. RestorTech is here to help. Let a member of our family-owned business come out for a free inspection and consultation. For more than three decades, we’ve guided owners through the mold remediation process.

We realize there’s not a moment to waste when it comes to mold. We promise a fast response time. We show up in hours to help you find evidence of mold and then offer guidance on how to deal with it. Once your mold remediation plan is approved by an environmental firm, count on us for a fast turnaround. Get your mold problem resolved before it gets worse.

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Expert Mold Remediation in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria VA Expert Mold Remediation

Many property owners have never dealt with mold remediation. That’s why we offer help as a trusted advisor who can guide you through the process.

1. Call RestorTech – We will first come out for a free consultation. We find the source of the mold so you can discuss your options with your insurance company.

2. Hire an Environmental Firm –An indoor environmentalist confirms the cause of the mold and writes a remediation protocol, which describes the steps needed to remove the mold.

3. Get a Quote –After we receive the protocol from the environmentalist, we can more accurately estimate the remediation cost. We will strictly adhere to ANSI/IICRC S520 guidelines.

4. Complete the Remediation –Your environmentalist returns to test the air and surfaces to see if the remediation was successful. We always try to achieve clearance on the first test.

Professional Mold Remediation Specialists in Alexandria, VA

At RestorTech, we don’t just want to make your mold problem go away. We hope to restore your peace of mind. Our employees are polite and respectful to help make the mold remediation process easier on you. We promise to stick with you until you’re satisfied with the results.

Estimate for Professional Mold Remediation in Alexandria

If you’ve had water damage or you suspect you might have a mold problem, it’s time to act! At RestorTech, Inc., we’re ready to stop mold in its tracks. The last thing you want to do is to let your problem get worse. RestorTech, Inc. can help guide you through the process until you’re satisfied with the outcome. Call us at (703) 204-0401 or contact us using our online form. Get help with your mold remediation project today!

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