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When disaster strikes, RestorTech, Inc. is ready to assist with a variety of restoration services. If the damage to your home or business is to the extent that you need to clear the space, check out our pack-out services. Contact us at (703) 204-0401. Located in Herndon, VA, we serve Fairfax County and the surrounding areas.

Pack-Out Services in Herndon VA

Property Damage Severity

After a damaging incident, property damage ranges in severity from very slight to total destruction. Accidental fires, lightning strikes, water damage, and fallen trees all wreak their havoc on homes and businesses. If you’ve suffered from any of these events, your personal property has been exposed to the effects from that damage; fire residues (smoke) and odor, water damage, mold, fallen drywall and insulation, and so on. At this point, you’ve reported the loss to your homeowners’ insurance carrier and are probably looking for some guidance on what to do next.

When Disaster Strikes, Do These Things First

In the aftermath of a disaster, certain things need to happen quickly that don’t necessarily involve building repairs or contents restoration.

You will need to find a place to live or work while your home or business is being repaired.

The house or building needs to be secured to prevent intrusion and additional damage from occurring. Board up broken windows, put a tarp over the roof if breached, and secure entryways.

If damage is significant, remove your belongings if they can be saved. This procedure is called a pack-out, and we have an expert process to handle it. A pack-out allows the building repair contractor full access to the property without having to work around furnishings. It can also prevent further damage to your belongings.

Belongings Pack-Out Storage in Fairfax County VA

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Your complete satisfaction with the end product is our No. 1 goal.

  • No one expects you to accept items that are not fully restored as part of your claim settlement.
  • Because RestorTech is committed to operating in a cost-conscious manner, we only take the items we feel we can restore and leave behind the items we cannot. As always, there are exceptions, such as items of sentimental value.
    • There may be photographs, yearbooks, diplomas, etc. that you will likely want us to try to restore. With our state-of-the-art deodorization processes, we can successfully remove the smoke smell nearly 100% of the time. However, very porous items such as books or papers may have permanent discoloration from smoke that we cannot remove.
    • Our commitment to our customers is to do the best we can to restore these items, with the understanding that we cannot guarantee 100% satisfactory results. We typically write on the outside of the box if there were items that we could not fully restore.
  • Everything that we take for restoration will be returned to you regardless of whether we were 100% successful. Nothing will be discarded without your written permission.

Track Your Property

Every item we take, including those that are placed in boxes, is digitally photographed and placed into our computerized inventory software program ‘ICat’. This program will create a descriptive and photographic record of all items we take for restoration, which will be emailed to you upon completion of the pack-out to view and use for record-keeping purposes. Furniture and boxed goods are individually barcoded to ensure that your property is tracked from the minute it leaves your home until it is returned to you.

Our Facility

Most severe fires become hostile environments for performing any type of restoration work: no electricity, no water, no heat, no air conditioning; sometimes even no roof! Our immediate goal is to get the items out that can be salvaged and bring them to our facility, a stable environment, where they can be dried, deodorized, and cleaned.

Our building was designed with the proper handling of pack-outs in mind. Within our 25,000-square-foot facility, we designed and built designated areas for the entire process:

Receiving goods into the warehouse.

Storing the goods.

Cleaning the boxed goods.

Cleaning the textiles.

Cleaning the furniture.

Deodorizing the goods.

The contents move from one location to the next seamlessly, and their locations are constantly updated using our barcoded tracking system. At all times, we will know the exact location of all of our customers’ property. We always invite our customers to stop by and get a tour of the facility so they can see how their property is being processed.

Expert Pack-Out Services Fairfax County Virginia

Property Handled With Care

Just as with a standard move, everything that can be consolidated into a box will be wrapped and packed to prevent additional damage. Furniture will be wrapped in protective padded blankets, then shrink wrapped to ensure that no damage from handling occurs. While in RestorTech’s care and custody, your property will be stored in individually sealed containers so that they can be kept separate from our other customers’ property.


Delivery of Your Goods

Once you are in your new or restored residence, RestorTech will deliver all of your restored items to you. Furniture will be unwrapped from our moving pads, placed in the rooms we took them from, and assembled if necessary. By request, we can also assist with unpacking boxed contents as long as we get prior approval from your insurance adjuster. RestorTech can also pack and move any personal belongings in your temporary residence to your restored home.

Why Choose Us?

Family-owned business with local service, not a franchise.

IICRC-certified technicians and members of RIA.

Quick response time within hours, free consultation, and quick turnaround.

Emergency 24/7 answering service.

Established business serving since 1990.

Experienced in fuel oil spills, skunk odor, vandalism, and damage from fallen trees.

For more information see our FAQ and about us pages.

If you are in need of professional pack-out services in Northern Virginia, please consider RestorTech. We also provide other important restoration services such as on-site fire and smoke restoration, structure cleaning and deodorization, soda blasting, water damage restoration, and mold remediation. Contact us at (703) 204-0401 for help restoring your textiles or any other damage. Located in Herndon, VA, RestorTech proudly serves Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, as well as Alexandria, VA, and all nearby areas.

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