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We approach each job with the same directive – to remove and restore items that we feel there is a very high probability we can return to you in the condition they were in prior to the event. Our packers and movers are the same employees that perform the restoration cleaning so they know what to take and what not to take.

We also consider the cost-effectiveness of our process. In other words, if a piece of furniture was purchased unassembled in a box and when assembled the sections attach to each other with locking pins, it would likely not be cost-effective to move, clean, store and deliver. We like to refer to this type of furniture as one-time use or ‘disposable’ furniture as the way it is put together would not withstand the handling in order to get it through the pack-out process. Likewise, we do not take any item that has a one time use which we refer to as ‘consumable’ goods. These are items such as food, beverages, medication, cosmetics, cleaning products, toiletries, paper products, plastic utensils, paint, lawn chemicals, etc., literally any product that you would discard after use.

When disaster strikes, damaging your home and its contents, RestorTech, Inc. is here to help. As mitigation contractors, we understand the stress involved in the restoration process, and we can help you deal with the damage. Contact us at (703) 204-0401. Located in Herndon, VA, we serve Fairfax County and the surrounding areas. For more information, see our FAQ and about us pages.

Professional Contents Restoration in Fairfax County Virginia

What is Textile Restoration Cleaning?

Textile restoration cleaning is the application of procedures to remove the residues, odors, and other contaminants from fabrics, decor, apparel, and accessories. These procedures utilize specialized techniques and equipment with the intent of returning the items to a pre-loss condition.

Fairfax County Virginia Professional Contents Restoration

Severity of Property Damage

Property damage ranges in severity from very slight to total destruction by a variety of means:

Lightning strike

Tree strike

At first, your clothing may not be the first concern on your mind. However, if your home has been badly damaged by any of the above events, clothing and other textiles have been exposed to the effects from that damage including:

Fire residues (smoke) and odor

Heat damage (scorching/melting)


Fallen drywall

Fallen insulation

In its current state, most of your wardrobe may be unwearable.

Can my clothing be cleaned or restored?

This is not a simple yes or no question. For example, no two fires are identical. Fires produce heat and residues (carried by smoke) of varying degrees. The amount of heat produced is a major factor in determining what can be cleaned. High heat is fatal to most fabrics. The characteristics of fire residues vary depending on what was burning. For example, fires that involve natural materials (e.g., wood) are typically dry in nature and are easily removed. Fires that involve synthetic materials (e.g., plastics) produce sticky residues that tend to smear easily.

The good news is, closed closet doors offer a level of protection from heat, smoke, and in some cases, water. The bottom line is we need to inspect the damaged items. One call to RestorTech and we will have someone at your property right away, at no obligation or cost to you. We will assess the damage, formulate a plan, and answer your questions.

If it can be restored, we know how to do it!

RestorTech has been serving the property damage industry for over 30 years. We like to think we’ve seen and done it all. Our experienced technicians can often tell right away what we can and cannot restore. However, not every loss is black and white; with many losses, there are gray areas due to the type and level of damage.

The best way to determine if we can achieve results that are satisfactory to you, the property owner, is to take representative sample pieces and test clean them for your inspection. If you are satisfied with the results, we will proceed to clean the remaining items. If you are not satisfied, we stop with the test pieces and let the insurance company know that our recommendation is to not proceed with cleaning the remaining items.

How fast can I get some clothes cleaned and returned?

Once we arrive on the scene, we always ask if there is anything you would like us to process immediately for you. We call them “specials,” and we can have them cleaned and returned in as little as 24 to 48 hours, depending on the nature of the contaminate. Specials generally amount to enough clothing to get you by until all of the remaining items can be processed, usually about a week or two.

I’ve had to move to a small apartment while my home is being repaired and don’t have room to take all of my textiles back. Can you store them until my house is ready? What if I need something that is in storage?

Yes, we can offer short-term storage. Depending on how long it will take to repair your home, usually three to six months, you may find that as the seasons change, you need access to your clothing. At RestorTech, you are welcome to stop by and select items you need. Just call us and make an appointment so that we can have everything displayed for you to see when you arrive. You may decide that you can take what you select with you; if not, we are happy to deliver them to your current location.

Do you request my permission before starting to clean?

It is very important to remember that we are working for you. We will ask for permission before incurring any costs that you will be asked to pay from your insurance coverage*. We will negotiate the costs of services with your insurance adjuster before you will be billed.

*Since insurance funds will be used to pay for services, we strongly recommend that you ask for approval from the insurance adjuster before allowing any costs of restoration or repair to take place.

Why Choose Us?

Family-owned business with local service, not a franchise.

IICRC-certified technicians and members of RIA.

Quick response time within hours, free consultation, and quick turnaround.

Emergency 24/7 answering service.

Established business serving since 1990.

Experienced in fuel oil spills, skunk odor, vandalism, and damage from fallen trees.

RestorTech has the experience, facility, techniques, and equipment to do the job right. But in this business, what’s just as important is the way we treat our customers. Life has thrown you a curve ball. You don’t need another one. We promise to be transparent, honest, and ethical in all we do. As you rebuild your life, you can trust us to treat you right, the way all of us would like to be treated.

Contact us at (703) 204-0401 for help restoring your textiles or any other damage. Located in Herndon, VA, RestorTech proudly serves Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, as well as Alexandria, VA, and all nearby areas.

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