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Mold Remediation in Fairfax, VA

Water damage can be a major problem for homeowners. Whether it’s been caused by bad weather, a natural disaster, or failing pipes, water damage often goes unnoticed until it’s spread. Moisture saturates your building’s permeable materials and then mold starts to show up and spread fast.

If you’ve seen mold, you might be asking yourself questions like these:

  • What kind of mold is it and is it dangerous?
  • Will my insurance company pay to fix it?
  • How can I find a mold remediation company I can trust?

If you see mold in your space, RestorTech, Inc. can help you find the source and hire an environmental firm to eliminate it. Contact RestorTech for mold remediation in Fairfax, VA today!

RestorTech Has Served Fairfax, VA for 30+ Years

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because of your mold problem, know you’re not alone. Most home and business owners panic because they are not mold experts and they’ve heard horror stories about homeowners or tenants who had to leave their space for weeks or longer until mold remediation was complete.

If you want to get things back to normal fast, you need to address your mold problem quickly. Let RestorTech come out for a free consultation today. As soon as your mold remediation plan is approved, we’ll get to work to remove the mold quickly before it spreads!

Trusted Mold Remediation Services in Fairfax, VA

You’ve probably never had to contact a mold remediation company or an environmental firm. In the last 30 years, we’ve developed an easy four-step process for owners to eliminate mold from their buildings:

Fairfax VA Professional Mold Remediation

1. Call RestorTech. We’ll come to inspect your building for mold, free of charge. Let us make recommendations on mold remediation to give you an idea of the work required.

2. Hire an Indoor Environmentalist. An environmental firm will confirm the cause of the mold and write up a remediation protocol. We have a list of reputable firms.

3. Get a Quote. After we receive the protocol from the environmentalist, we can better estimate the cost and scope of the remediation project.

4. Complete the Remediation. After we’ve finished executing the remediation protocol, the environmentalist will test the surfaces and air to determine if the remediation was successful.

Trusted Mold Remediation Specialists in Fairfax, VA

Discovering mold in your building is overwhelming for many residential and commercial owners. RestorTech wants to help restore your peace of mind. Here’s what some customers had to say:

Contact RestorTech for Mold Remediation in Fairfax, VA

If you have water damage at your home or business, you need to act fast! Let RestorTech help you find mold if it’s there, where it’s likely coming from, and what you can do about it. We’ll walk you through the entire process from step one to the end.

Call (703) 204-0401 or submit an online request for help with your mold remediation project!

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