Water Damage

You come home from work to discover the toilet supply line broke on the top floor and water has been running all day. Ceilings are down, carpets are saturated and hardwood floors are buckled. After a call to your homeowner's insurance company, call RestorTech. Fast and effective mitigation service is our goal for your peace of mind!

  • Emergency Service

        We offer prompt and effective 24 hour service. One phone call will dispatch us to your water damage

        emergency. We will assess the damage and utilize the correct state of the art process to stabilize the

        situation and begin the drying out process.

  • Structural Damage

        Drywall and wood framing that have absorbed moisture are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria.

        It is often necessary to remove these and other structural components to ensure proper drying.

        RestorTech is licensed to perform minor structural repairs up to $7,500. Severe repairs are performed by

        Class A General Contractors and/or flooring specialists. You may find a list of these professionals under

        our Specialty Services Network.

  • Personal Property

       Personal property, furniture, electronics, artwork, toys, sporting goods, books, papers, etc., all are uniquely

       affected by water. Items may just need to dry out on their own and there is no real damage at all. In other

       cases, items can be severely affected and nothing can be done to cost effectively to restore these items.

       The materials that items are made from and their specific vulnerability to water must be assessed prior to

       any attempt at restoration.

  • Bacteria/Mold Treatment

       RestorTech Technicians are qualified to carry out protocols written by a qualified environmental hygienist

       with strict adherence to published mold remediation standards. In most cases, the source of contamination

       must be identified and corrected first, and then the contaminated materials removed. The method of

       correction and removal must be performed in accordance with written standards, otherwise the situation

       can become far more detrimental than it already is.

  • Sewage Back-up

       Sewage contamination can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners. Hepatitis and infectious disease

       can be transmitted through direct contact with raw sewage. Not all sewage back ups fall into this catagory,

       however extreme caution must be used when treating any water that backs up from a sewer or drain.

       RestorTech offers comprehensive and detailed cleaning and sanitizing services.



RestorTech, Inc. subscribes to the principles and practices the guidelines set for by the Institute of Inspection Cle Restoration Certification (Standard S-500) and the Water Loss Institute in conjunction with the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration





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A great company-wonderful employees!  We loved working with Molly & Gino. They couldn't have been more helpful and empathetic - Thank you for caring about our situation and us


                                     --  The Cochrans